Jeep 4×4 WD

Jeep 4×4 WD

This machine has a capacity of 4,230 cc. The fuel used by both is gasoline. The transmission used is a 4-speed manual transmission. The system used is 4×4 part time or with a choice of manual 4-wheel drive. The Mount Bromo Tour Jeep is suitable for traversing steep and steep terrain such as the topography of Mount Bromo.



Taxi Bromo also provides special services to support transportation to Mount Bromo destinations from the cities of Malang, Batu, Tumpang, Pasuruan and Probolinggo (Cemoro Lawang ). The Bromo Jeep that we use is one that meets safety standards by using a closed Jeep Hardtop, not an Open Jeep. Besides heading to Mount Bromo, we also serve for the purpose of Semeru Trekking